Privacy Policy

Legal framework

We comply with the legal provisions referring to personal data protection stipulated in EU Regulation 2016/679 and we enforce technical and organizational measures to protect all operations directly or indirectly regarding personal data, in order to prevent unauthorized or illegal data processing, as well as accidental or illegal destruction of data.
Ensuring the right to personal data protection is a fundamental commitment, and transparency is one of the essential principles included în this regulation framework. The present document has the purpose of providing information regarding the manner in which we process and protect your personal data.

The group of companies

WELT IMOBILIARE LLC, with headquarters in Cluj-Napoca municipality, 24, 21 Decembrie 1989 Boulevard, Cluj county, registered at the Trade Register as no. J12/2829/2005, VAT identification number RO17834736, and
WELT LLC, with headquarters în Cluj-Napoca municipality, 24, 21 Decembrie 1989 Street, Cluj county, registered at the Trade Register as no. J12/549/2002, VAT identification number 14535608,
named as follows operators, in accordance to the legislation regarding personal data protection.

The personal data categories which are processed

Given the object of the real estate services and property management services, identifying clients and ensuring the connection between them is of the essence, in order to conclude the rental agreements or property transfers.
For these purposes, the main data processed are: name and surname, address, contact information such as e-mail address and telephone number.
In addition, we can collect and process data referring to your behaviour during your visits to the site, in order to customize your online experience. More details regarding this can be found in the section regarding cookies and other similar technologies.
We do not collect and process sensitive personal data, which according to the regulations are part of a special category of personal data. Furthermore, in the event that a client has not reached 16 years of age, he/she needs the approval or authorization of the holder of parental responsibility în order to have his/her data processed.

Purposes of data processing

We will collect and use your personal data for the following purposes, in order to ensure the successful completion of the real estate services offered:
a) To offer services in your benefit, through the processing of requests and offers to broker the transaction.
b) To connect the request to the offer, information regarding the address being shared only to potential clients, in an organized manner, always accompanied by the operators’ agents.
c) Photographs of the properties will be used for marketing purposes, to increase the likelihood of completing a transaction.
d) To draw up any promissory contracts or assist in drawing up the rental contract.
e) For marketing purposes, in order to keep you updated regarding the most recent offers or requests regarding properties that we feature, as well as market price tendencies.
f) To defend our legitimate interests, rights and commercial activities, to prevent and detect fraud attempts, as well as for the purpose of keeping financial and accounting records, or other records demanded by the legislation in force în Romania.

We use technical means in order to store data în secure conditions. Data included in requests and notices directed at us, as well as data of third parties contained in any documents brought to our attention is used for the completion of the real estate services offered. The data is not processed for secondary purposes, incompatible to the purposes listed above.
We strictly respect and ensure professional secrets. We do not reveal data except for the purpose of serving your interests or completing the undertaken responsibilities. More precisely, for the purpose of real estate marketing and ensuring the connection to buyers/sellers. Confidentiality is to us a central value.
In addition, in order to ensure the improvement of our services, we use cookies for statistics, marketing, tracking, market research and monitoring. These aspects are covered in the cookie policy.

Duration of storing data

We periodically review collected data, analysing to what extent storing data is necessary for the purposes of data processing, for the interests of the targeted persons, as well as the operators and for the purpose of concluding legal obligations. Data is stored for the duration of time needed to conclude the real estate services and to draw statistics or market research relevant to the real estate segment. Data which is no longer relevant will be erased.

Data transmission

Your data can be sent to the following categories of recipients: European Union clients as well as clients outside of the EU, financial, accounting or banking service providers, marketing and market research service providers, IT service providers, as well as any providers that are of interest to the development of the real estate service.
We ensure that the access to your data by third parties will be realised in accordance to the legal provisions regarding data protection and confidentiality, on the basis of contracts concluded with said third parties.
We are committed to ensure the security of your personal data, through the implementation of adequate technical and organizational measures, as per existing standards.

Your rights

You have the right to access, intervene upon, modify and move the data you have provided to us. You have the right to limit the level of processing of your data or to request the deletion of your data, with the exception of the instances of ascertainment, execution or defense of a right in court by the operators. Your intervention upon the date you have provided may prevent the fulfillment of the contract between yourself and the company. In this case, both the operators and their representatives are exempt from responsibility. Please bring forth to our attention your request, in any means that ensures the proper identification of the person responsible with and the case made by them, to the data protection officer at, or by mail or courier at the address of the operator in question. You will receive an answer to your query in maximum 72 hours from the communication of the request. În the event of a data request, they are to be provided free of charge once per year.
We reserve the right to periodically update and modify this Privacy policy, in order to reflect any changes in the way we process your personal data or any changes în legal requirements. In case of any change, we will post the updated version without delay.
În addition, you have the right to lodge a complaint at the supervisory authority for personal data processing. This is The National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing. Without infringing upon your right to contact the competent authority, we ask you to contact the data protection officer of the operators beforehand, as we will make efforts to settle any issue in an amicable manner.