Welt Imobiliare provides complex real estate consulting and brokerage services in the interest of beneficiaries looking to rent, purchase or sell properties. The brokerage fee is 2% + VAT of the aquisition or sale price of a property, and 50% + VAT of the monthly rent, paid only once, for property rentals. The payment is due only if there is a concluded contract regarding the property in case of buying or selling, and in case of rent, only if there is a valid contract between the owner and the tenant. The payment can be negotiated if there is a higher value to a specific property or in other special cases.

Payment of the brokerage fee is due only in the instance of a purchase agreement or another type of transfer of ownership agreement, or a lease agreement having been concluded. The quantum of the fee may be negociated in the case of high-value properties or in other special circumstances.


Services for owners who want to sell or rent their property

We have a portfolio of various types of properties that we promote for sale and rent.

The main types of properties that we manage are: apartments and studio apartment, houses, villas, commercial, industrial and office spaces and land.

The real estate brokerage services we offer are based on a real estate brokerage  agreement for sale and/or lease between the agency and owner.

The subject of the contract is essentially the real estate brokerage service provided by the real estate agency in the interest of the owner. if the agency finds a buyer/tenant who accepts and aquires/rents the owner's property, the beneficiaries will owe the agency the payment of the fee in the amount agreed upon in the brokerage agreement.

For the purpose of the succesful provision of its services, the agency will undertake various advertising and promotion expenses of the real estate listing.

We inspect the property ourselves, in order to correctly determine its value and characteristics.

We gather all information necessary for the objective evaluation of the price on special forms, in order to correctly promote the property.

We verify the legal situation of the property.

We identify and communicate to the owner the advantages and disadvantages of the property, comparing it with other similar offers.

All the lease or sale listings in our portfolio are promoted on our website using  relevant photographs.

We promote the listings on specialty websites and/or publications.

We publish the offer on our own website, as well as the main real estate websites:,,, and others.

We identify, select and present the owner with the suitable purchase or lease offers from interested parties.

We assist the parties in the negotiating stage and keep them informed during the transactional process.

We offer consultancy and assistance for all the stages of the real estate transaction, such as completing transfer of ownership agreements or lease contracts.

If needed, we can elaborate and draft a pre-contract on the terms jointly agreed upon by the owner and buyer/tenant.


Available services for buyers and tenants for finding a suitable property

We offer brokerage services in the interest of the beneficiary in exchange for the payment of the brokerage fee.

Our service consists of finding the most suitable property for our client, for the purpose of concluding a purchase or lease agreement for the respective property.

The realtor chooses the property which is suitable to the requirements of the buyer and/or tenant.

We inform our clients regarding competing prices for properties similar to the one they requested.

We schedule appointments and ensure viewings for the properties that meet the clients' demands.

We inform the client regarding the approximate costs incurred during the transfer of ownership.

We assists both parties in the negotiation process.

We verify the legal situation of the property and provide legal assistance for the client.

We elaborate and draft transfer of ownership promissory agreements on the terms commonly agreed upon by the owner and buyer.

We offer consultancy and assist the buyer in completing the purchase and concluding a tranfer of ownership agreement at a public notary, or concluding a lease agreement.

We share with the beneficiary the information that we reasonably have regarding the property such as: general characteristics which can affect the decision to purchase, such as level of furbishing, dimensions, age of the building, cardinal points positioning, possible advantages or disadvantages of the area and neighborhood.