About Us

Welt Imobiliare is a real estate agency from Cluj-Napoca that has been active since 2003. Welt imobiliare has consolidated its position as area leader in the real estate field through its high quality services. Through the quality of our services, we have gained a positive reputation from the very beginning. Regardless of the type of real estate transaction, we offer a great selection of real estate listings. Whether you are looking to buy or to sell, you will find on our website all types of properties: flats in older appartment buildings or recently constructed buildings, residential complexes, houses and villas, land, commercial, industrial as well as office spaces.

Our motto is: search together, succeed together. We pay attention to every client and strive to ensure that our clients make positive investments, well aware of the fact that our success can only exist through the succes of each and every one of our clients. Each client that has made a profitable investment through us has added a stepping stone on our path towards succes. For this we are deeply grateful and we are always pursuing to lenghten the list of satisfied clients. At the basis of our growth and development are constant investments in the material basis and personnel, and especially the impressive number of pleased clients. Returning clients or those who recommend our services to others are at the foundation of our success.

Our strategy is dynamic and well adapted to the conditions of the market. We are client-oriented and fully dedicated to understanding and satisfying our clients' needs in a timely manner. We are a trustworthy partner through which you can buy, sell or rent any type of real estate property, ranging from studio apartments to 1, 2, 3 and 4 room apartments, houses, villas, land, commercial and industrial spaces and office buildings.

Our realtors are attentive to your needs and desires, they verify each and every listing before scheduling a viewing and keep you informed of the details of the properties.
Our personnel has a vast experience in the field of real estate and is qualified to offer the best solutions at any moment, for a wide range of real estate problems.
We ensure that your choice is profitable and guide you towards the ideal solution. We have prepared for you a wide selection of real estate offers, ready to be presented by seasoned realtors.
We provide sollutions and carefully considered ideas from our specialists. Rooted in reality, we strive to contribute to accomplishing our clients' dreams.

Welt Imobiliare is the guarantee of your success. We have a young and strong team of professionals, who put ethics and high quality services first. Our team is totally committed to fulfill the dreams that have brought you to us. We are here for your comfort and well-being. We want to be the strongest company and the company you love best. Creativity, boldness, dynamism, openness, attention to details, and perseverance define Welt Imobiliare in everything it does.

Regarding the properties listed on www.weltimobiliare.ro, interested visitors and find information about the buildings' architecture, location, number of stories, usable floor area or gross area, year of construction, neighborhood information, condition of the property, number of rooms, parking spaces, view, cardinal orientation, utilities, furnishings, the status of the property according to the Romanian Land Registry, property blueprints, prices and much more.

The Welt Imobiliare team thank you for visiting this website. We kindly welcome you to visit our offices at:

  • 21 Decembrie 1989 Blvd., no. 24 , apt. 3, Cluj-Napoca