On the foundations of trust, respect and integrity, we build a long-term relationship with each person that crosses our path. Welt Imobiliare has drawn in its circles trustworthy people, on which we could rely, people who through talent and a lot of work have become true professionals in real estate.

We have created a strong team of innovative people. We believe that through working intelligently and passionately towards our goals, we can obtain exceptional results. We take pride in the experience our our personnel, which has gone through a phase of qualification in real estate, in order to offer you a complete array of real estate services.

This field of activity is as beautiful as it is demanding.In order to win, you need a positive attitude and a lot of enthusiasm. Performance is encouraged and team spirit is among the values we hold closest to.

If thoughts similar to the ones below reign over your every action, every day, it is likely that your place is among us.

Glory ceases to be yours the moment you forget that you are always a beginner.

Great things are achieved with impetus and enthusiasm.

Sacrifices guarantee grand victories.

A good reputation needs to be maintained as an eternal flame.

Fame rusts away if you do not clean it by working every day.

Behind each successful career there is an exemplary life. Build your life on long-lasting principles and success will follow you!

Work should always be a gift, not a punishment.

Genius... perpetual boldness.

Use each available second in order to become better than you were yesterday.

Life is not about surpassing others – it is about competing against yourself.

Always look for new vessels in which to “pour” your knowledge and talent.

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